Back to School at 26ish

Back to School

Dear Readers- I like to begin my posts as if we are the very best of friends. Writing to you all, and sharing my musings with the vast cosmic void that is the world wide web, somehow puts me at ease and makes me feel more connected to myself. So, for that, I thank you all—and especially, for those of you who have been reading …

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Musee d'Orsay and Pont Royal, North-West view

This week, I celebrated one year post brain surgery. I spent a lot of time reflecting upon the days leading up to my life-changing operation—particularly a trip I took with a friend, to Paris. Today, I would like to share with you the story of the best sandwich I have ever eaten–that I made myself, while on this trip.

Holiday Gift Guide: Pampered Pooch

Pampered Pooch Cover

For the Politely Polished Pet who has everything: a Gift Guide that is sure to please even the most Discerning of Dogs! As, for puppy Georgina’s recommendation: the navy fairisle jumper looks marvelous on proper pooches of all shapes and sizes! Happy Shopping! xoxo    

The Apple Rose Dessert You Must Try!

Apple Rose

A few weeks ago, I hosted a French-themed dinner party, and was in need of a dessert that not only pleased the taste buds, but would also wow the eyes. So, when a girlfriend of mine sent me a picture of a puff pastry that looked like a blooming red rose, I knew it was the dessert to make!

When in Doubt: Do NOT Post on Instagram


Recently, I was scrolling through my Instagram, when I came across a picture of Governor Chris Christie standing in the middle of a train-car. “Wow, how cool” I thought,  “someone I know and follow is on the same train as a candidate for President of the United States of America!”

Irish Soda Bread with a Twist

Irish Soda Bread

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is important to have lots of delicious recipes on-hand, that can be prepared the day before your guests arrive–and, this Cranberry Orange Irish Soda Bread is the perfect breakfast treat to make your hostess duties lighter and your guests’ breakfasts zestier!

Easy Engagement Chicken–You Just Have to Try!

Engagement Chicken

A few years ago, I was in the car listening to The Howard Stern Show when Howard began nonchalantly describing the wonderful meal, his then girlfriend, Beth, had prepared for him the night before—a perfectly roasted chicken, so moist and flavorful that after one bite, it seemed as if his taste buds has forgotten all other chickens that had come before this particular one. Not …

The GRATED Cake You Have to Try

Grated Apricot Cake

Don’t you just love London in the Fall? It makes me want to bake until the kitchen is warmed from the heat of the oven, and, serve endless cups of hot cinnamon tea to all of my friends!